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PSO2 JP has since release with some RNG

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I played for awhile(such as a month and a half about) before stopping because of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta latency. I've a unknown number of hours PSO on it iterations, and I wish to state before putting down that I clocked around 310 hours. So context given, I had a great deal of fun with it. It felt forward mechanically and aesthetically, and at least with what I played, appeared to understand from the mistakes of PSU? Now of course there's been a ton of upgrades since then so I can not really vouch for this of course, but at the center of the sport was good fun, surely in the spirit of this PSO family. Remember they've said you won't have the ability to transfer your character(s) in the JP server into the new western ones.

PSO2 JP has since release with some RNG development elements' elimination. The game seems fairly bad frankly as it targets Vita and Android hardware but it is serviceable. Also, games like Monster Hunter World, Destiny, and Warframe have come out there are much newer PSO-likes. The thing about PSO2 is how large and great that the collaborations are in comparison to other games. We don't know if the Western variant will find every one of the collabs which might well kill the game because this isn't 2001 where a Japanese MMORPG could have content disparities and eliminate it. So time will tell, they have been deceitful and vague about this.

I played with with the JP version for close to 90 hours and couldn't see the appeal. You spend the majority of your time only oneshotting braindead-easy mobs in fields that are free. Then you sit around awaiting crisis quests to spawn which are braindead easy because everyone's gear is so absurdly strong you'll barely be able to even hit anything. They rush through in melting anything in their way. SEGA added some EQs where you're forced to pilot a mecha that does not really do a great deal of damage so players might get a chance at hitting on stuff. There are so many different types of quests with vague titles such as buster quests, showcased quests and you are going to have to spend ages on wikis hoping to figure out which of these are worth doing. The majority of them are boring, the only ones worth doing are those with rewards.

Having to discover discs to learn abilities is a fairly stupid mechanic imo and the hotbar system is totally terrible. I don't get why I can not simply have multiple hotbars onscreen simultaneously rather than having to scroll through palettes and subpalettes and shit. It's a UI nightmare which doesn't appeal to anyone. The system sucks. The celebration UI is minuscule and considerably can't be customized by you. Can't hover buffs over icons to tell what they do. No penalty for dying because you can just respawn like nothing happened. Because the content you run is so easy that you barely need to say anything, dialogue occurs in the lobby.

The gearing system is convoluted and you'll again need to spend ages sifting via youtube videos and wikis to understand it. The simple fact that you can find new-type and old-type weapons using two distinct strategies to enhance (mill ) them is foolish. Affixes and grind caps are unintuitive unless you have a guide. Collection files are fairly boring since they simply boil down to buy meseta pso2"spam more EQs" which is probably what you're doing.

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