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I think the biggest problem is that you have to completely alter your playstyle

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Its not confusing in any way. They make billions just off supreme team manners alone and people are conditioned to get the most recent sports games every year regardless of there are changes past a roster update. This entire subreddit can go without purchasing Madden for ten decades and EA would hardly notice. I simply posted the other day about the joke that's madden games. They will never give a shit because 9 year olds that don't know football will still purchase it Madden nfl 20 coins each year.I've learned should you ownership catch they count it to the spot, instead of RAC having to place the ball following the initial step, idk it's not realistic but if it works it works, this was still bs tho, whatever catch you used.

Gotta keep your blue circle inbounds. Same principles as the NFL. I've always wondered if players had a"bubble" around them, and feet do not actually mean anything. I would assume they have a"hit box" of sorts based on each the middle of the player or the ball considering shit like this. I was about to say the same thing"hit box". Although you would assume feet were pretty important considering it is a game based on space and boundary lines, even though coming from EA I'm not surprised whatsoever.

ALL-Madden= has Omaha ability and policy is set to 100 mechanically and calls the counter to all of your plays. Thing is that the policy out of all vs all madden. I am able to rip up the defense most matches on all pro but my god on all madden that the DBs are only making insane breaks on the ball and mad interceptions.I've watched Richard Sherman, in man coverage, operate 15 yards in.5 seconds and leap up to grab an interception Julio Jones was going to grab onto a curl route.

All Pro is pretty easy for me however, all madden is hopeless. I think the biggest problem is that you have to completely alter your playstyle. There's certain plays that just don't operate on All-Madden. You need to understand what the AI can and can not do and perform around it. It's a fascinating challenge when you get the hang of it, although it is really not that much pleasure from a soccer simulation standpoint.

It doesn't get harder from a football perspective. It gets more difficult from a gambling perspective because the RNG and AI work to a higher degree. So it is like,"can you win an NFL game at which you only run 5-6 plays, pay the ball instead of making efforts at highlight moves, and also without throwing the ball further than 10 metres down the field? All while inevitably fumbling from the red zone once or twice a game and still getting fake calls once or twice a buy Mut 20 coins drive. Let after your top two RB's return with achilles and proceed on the IR for 26 weeks.

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