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SiC Plate SiC Plate

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Since the invention of bulletproof ceramic armor by Joe Bam, reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramics with high hardness, small specific gravity, large area of protection, small distance between two impact points, good ballistic performance, and can absorb more energy after fragmentation, it is widely used in military protection, such as the protection of various armored vehicles, armored vehicles, ships, as well as the protection of civilian safes and armored cars. The bulletproof ceramic plate has better ballistic performance than alumina ceramics, which is approximately 70-80% of boron carbide ceramics. However, due to its low price, it is particularly suitable for applications where the amount is large and the protective armor is not too thick or heavy. It can effectively prevent the penetration of the warheads of firearms of the third-level or above. At the same time, it can avoid or significantly reduce the non-penetrating damage caused to the human body when it is struck. Bulletproof ceramic armor plate can be used as a protective armor for weapons and equipment such as vehicles or airplanes, especially for armored missiles. And it can be customized according to different protection levels, different thickness, shape (square or hexagon) size, etc.

The bulletproof ceramic plate produced by NTK is characterized by high strength and good toughness. As bullet-proof armor materials, their anti-strike performance is very good, so the overall protective effect is better than ordinary silicon carbide ceramics. In the lightweight protective armor of cylindrical ceramic body, the breaking point can reach more than 6.5 tons, and the protective effect is obviously better than the protective armor of cylindrical ceramic body using ordinary silicon carbide ceramics. We make full use of the excellent thermal conductivity of 0.5 micron SiC ultra fine powder, high temperature resistance to oxidation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant solvents, advanced technology and equipment, manufacturing and producing reaction sintering carbonization. The silicon bulletproof sheet has high strength and high wear resistance, so that the anti-ballistic performance of the bulletproof sheet can be greatly improved. It can meet the needs of military bulletproof and anti-impact applications. It is in line with the military requirements of lighter, stronger and more maneuverable policy. Efficient ballistic performance and excellent quality provide a reliable guarantee for the protection of life.


SiC Plate
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