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The Current Situation And Development Trend of Washer Motor Ⅲ

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With the improvement of science and technology and living standards, more and more kinds of clothing of different materials, the requirements for washing machines are getting higher and higher, for example, according to different clothes, choose the appropriate washing method, so that the clothes can be washed and worn less. And it also saves electricity, saves water, and has low noise, which requires the Washer Motor to provide different speed and torque according to different needs. It is obvious that the single-speed washer motor can not meet this requirement and can only be solved by the variable speed motor. Commonly used variable speed motors are series motor, variable frequency induction motor, permanent magnet brushless motor and switched reluctance motor.

Series motor: The principle and basic structure is a DC series motor. Because it can work when it is supplied with AC power, it is also called general motor or AC/DC motor. Its stator windings are typically 2-pole concentrated windings with distributed windings wound around the rotor and with commutators and carbon brushes to change the direction of current flow into the rotor.

The series motor has good control performance, and its mechanical and adjustment characteristics are basically parallel straight lines, which cannot be achieved by induction motors. In addition, the series motor also has the advantages of large starting torque, high efficiency, convenient speed regulation and good dynamic performance. However, the shortcoming of the tandem motor is that the structure is complicated, the rotor current needs to be mechanically commutated by the commutator and the brush, and the sliding friction between the commutator and the brush is prone to mechanical wear, noise, spark and electromagnetic interference.

The reliability of the motor is reduced and the life is shortened. Although the reliability and the lifespan have been greatly improved with the development of science and technology and the improvement of the manufacturing process, noise, spark and electromagnetic interference still exist. Since the control circuit is simple, the cost of the series motor is lower than that of other variable speed motors.

The series motor is mainly used on the drum washing machine, and the maximum speed of the washer motor can reach 16,000 rpm when it is dry.

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