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mechanic has a counter

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Do really believe that all out blitzes, corner and stretch routes work or do occur in soccer. It's simply absurd. No staff conducts them each play but that is because the team shit down it and would correct. You have that option if you want to do 30 min of study and get better at Madden nfl. Abusing game mechanics has ever been part of Madden and any sport for that matter. The skill Madden nfl 21 coins comes in finding counters to what players do and every"cheese" mechanic has a counter.

Wonderful attempt, however, your argument falls apart when you consider that EA has an EXCLUSIVE license to create SIMULATION NFL games. They literally promote Madden nfl as SIMULATION soccer. You asked"do you want your players to make mistakes like irl"? Umm.YES. Like in Franchise mode. Case in point: I would love to see newcomer players creating"rookie mistakes". Would add enormous value to your own veterans. But the different styles should be available. This SHOULD be simulation style. However they ought to keep the mode accessible for the die sweats online. Online ought to have both options available.NFL owners have approved a 5-year Expansion with EA Sports for the league

Not one of them have played with Madden nfl. Open the license is good. All they see is $$$. Madden makes a lot of money, and also the nfl makes money off of It without having to do anything.I imply they don't let any cable businesses take NFL Sunday ticket whenever they could easily double what they are making now. I really don't think that it's just about $$. They have an obsession with creating their brand look like its a premium.Just look at who their TV advertisers are. It's all dick pills and high end cars/trucks. Their target audience is well-to-do old guys.

I believe They do not care lol. I don't think a lot of millionaires and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins billionaires give a fuck about simulation game soccer. They do not need a game and do that shit in real life. The simple fact that the championship was won in QB by a Punter and they re-upped a few weeks later for 5 decades solidifies that. Dollar signs are cared about by the NFL. I doubt we see a different simulation style football match that is fantastic. People hate on 2k, but their attention to detail is fucking amazing.

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