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It's still something companies look at to assess a game performed in the market

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I honestly think They don't care lol. I don't think a lot of older millionaires and billionaires give a fuck about simulation game football. They don't require a game and do this shit in life. Can you imagine Jerry Jones playing Madden? The fact they Mut 20 coins for sale re-upped a few weeks afterwards for 5 years and that the championship was won by a Punter at QB solidifies that. The NFL cares about dollar signs. I doubt we see a different good simulation style soccer match. People hate on 2k, but their attention to detail is fucking amazing. EA polishes their turd of a slot machine and gradually siphoned enough features to make you think.maybe next year is going to be better.

Don't forget, if you purchase Madden nfl every year and complain about it being bad, you're part of the problem. This is a result of the earnings Madden generates. Change and keep your money can happen. Buying Madden nfl leads to the problem a bit, but it's a drop in the bucket. I know what you are saying, but don't underestimate the importance of actual units. It's still something companies look at to assess a game performed in the market.

There's been enormous shift in the industry during the last decade and there's a lot of recognition of post-sale income as a gain metric, although it is. There's a reason so many series abruptly find themselves with change hands. Industry heads have learned that unit sales are no longer king. Yeah. That's why I still expect as being underage gambling, matters are looked into on things such as loot boxes. That is a serious matter that needs to be taken care of in states. I disagree with the thought in this instance, but from a legal perspective, as I am a strong free-market proponent in willing to compromise my principles simply to see EA.

I was happy, but I am sad. This is a terrible setback for football fans that need a simulation game that is good. While 2K is much more predatory with their MTs, I could at least say, everything in their whole game is better than ever single facet of madden. 2K absolutely has weird/frustrating things happen, but madden does simulate real life football. I mean, the dude won the tournament with a punter in QB running moves every play. Fuck off madden.

Competitive Madden has never been a sim style way to perform with madden. It's always been around exploiting Madden nfl in some manner or another. Its been like this since the days. Same goes with MUT, it's not intended to football. If it had been would not be obtaining them. What's bothering about Madden is that Madden nfl has become so poor that it has enabled every major championship winner to win by not throwing this year. Even they have taken out the cheap Madden 20 coins strategy of Madden nfl, so it doesn't even resemble soccer. And that's why Madden sucks. The great thing about NBA 2k, is it allows you to play anyway because they focused on a simulation game you want. Mycareer and Myleague are, although myteam and park/Pro-Am are not sim in any way.

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