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just slightly worse in shooting

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Should I get opal Dwight? Dwight is my favorite center of time. I have opal tmac and pink diamond Paul George already with 570k to invest, I'm also very good at making mt especially with tmac on tto boards so if I lock for him? As a long time MyTeam player I say play with YOUR players. Play use the players for and also have fun with all the men YOU like. I've not ever allowed anybody affect what cards I should use or tell me. It is a no brainer if Dwight is the favorite C of all time then. Lock it. Its pair with good cards so thats a bonus.

Is Dino Radja worthwhile if you can just buy Amy Mo Bamba who is mt 2k21 way cheaper and just slightly worse in shooting but way better and taller on D. Dino is a thousand times greater than Bamba, it is not close. Bamba can block shots but guy is inside and a turnover machine. Dino is quick, strong and you will green his launch every time. Imo you've got it backward. Bonga is the better shooter although dino is a defender. Bamba gets the better and faster launch imo although dino is a greater slasher. Dino is better than Bamba in things not shooting. Not to say Dino can not shoot cause he has a shot but I find Bamba a little much better shooter. Additionally Dino's wingspan constitutes for the height difference.

Cost me 4.8 m for the previous 210 cards two weeks ago. : ) I presume he can prevent grand moments cards now and he invest tokens on reward how to buy mt in nba 2k21 gamers. I dunno much is present, heat check players and series 2 cost now. I didn't sell back them. I believe they cost at least mt when I purchased them month ago. That's like 1400 cards complete. Assume I've 210 reward cards and purchased the rest cards (~1000 cards) for 1000mt (premium cards, trainer, jersey, playbook, ball). Those cards will cost 1m Mt. I invested 8m+ mt (more likely 10m+ mt) to achieve ad for certain.

What's funny? I've kept a rough estimate and I would have probably been under 5 mil, when my last card that was purchased was not glitched Hedo. Besides Hedo I think the most I've paid for a card was 42K. Most under 25k the bulk under 10k and under 2K. I began the grind for him around two weeks ago and that's my guestimation.I spent an whole week specifically bidding on cards, not enjoying NBA 2K or flipping cards. There is something similar to 450 rewards cards you can get at no cost. Then you have got the vast majority of the decorations and misc items which can be purchased for under 500 MT in the event that you only pay attention and bidding.

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